China-US Tech War Spirals Over Smart Devices

( – China is incensed, and they’re not being shy about it.

Pro-Communist Party of China news outlet China Daily recently put out a scathing editorial criticizing the purported unfair treatment the U.S. is giving to certain Chinese companies. The Communist nation is upset about action from a U.S. House committee asking the Federal Communications Commission to look into possible security concerns stemming from Chinese-made internet modules that are present in many devices in the U.S. These components are found in products that range from equipment used by first responders to technology in electric cars and smart appliances.

The whole fracas was reported by Newsweek, which wrote about the presence of the modules and raised concerns that these devices – which could in some way or form, connect to the Internet – could be used by Chinese spies to gather intelligence or even be used to “switch off” these devices in the event of a war between the U.S. and China. The news outlet also revealed that the government is aware of this, and that a committee in the U.S. Congress is looking to dig deeper into the matter.

The China Daily editorial, which had the inflammatory title “World burns on US’ stake of political correctness,” called U.S. representatives’ actions “political correctness” in the face of having no evidence to back up allegations of a “’threat’” from China. It also accused officials in Washington of using the idea of a “threat or potential threat to national security” as a “virtue-signaling grab bag,” and blasted the U.S. government of instigating a “tit-for-tat” between the U.S. and China that “bodes ill for the global economy.”

The article also threatened repercussions should the U.S. take action against Chinese companies, warning that China will not “”just stand by” when its companies receive unfair treatment.

For his part, the chairman of the House committee in question, Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, told Newsweek that the “hysterical overreaction” of the Chinese, as evidenced by the China Daily opinion piece, was validation that the matter of the modules warrants further investigation.

The FCC told Newsweek that it would “closely review” the request from the U.S. House committee, noting its past actions of removing “untrustworthy equipment and network operators from U.S. networks.”

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