China Threatens Taiwan Independence

China Makes Threat Against Taiwan Independence

( – The current Chinese regime’s denial of civil rights to its people is beginning to cause trouble for the nation. International attention continues to focus on the abuses perpetrated there. Now the country is threatening the independence of another region.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is staunchly against anything giving its citizens or perceived citizens freedom. On Thursday, January 28, government officials threatened Taiwan with military action if the separatist movement there does not cease activity, saying “Taiwan independence means war.” These comments came after Chinese military activity increased near Taiwan. At least 28 fighter jets and bombers are known to have entered Taiwanese airspace last weekend.

The US weighed in on the affair last Saturday as the State Department encouraged Beijing to cease its military campaign against Taiwan and engage in “meaningful dialogue” instead. However, given Joe Biden’s relationship with Chinese leaders, it’s unclear whether there’s anything behind these words.

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