China Sends Message to US Senate

China Sends Message to US Senate

( – On June 8, in a rare showing of bipartisan solidarity, the US Senate passed “The US Innovation and Competition Act” on a 68-32 vote. The legislation will invest billions in technology, specifically addressing areas like cybersecurity and the current semiconductor shortage. While both political parties are satisfied with the bill, not everyone is happy to see it pass into law.

On Wednesday, June 9, China’s Foreign Affairs Committee slammed the bill, calling it an attempt to “deprive China of its legitimate development rights.” The statement also accused the US of attempting to “maintain global American hegemony.” This disapproval appears to center around the fact that some of the bill’s investments exist specifically to compete with Chinese technology.

Also of concern for the Chinese is the bill’s expression of support for Taiwan, an island nation China attempts to claim. The legislation additionally refers to the advancement of democracy in Hong Kong and the genocide against the Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang province.

This episode marks a further deterioration of relations between the US and China with uncertainty over the true source of COVID-19 amplifying the tensions.

The bill now heads to the House.  If it passes, President Joe Biden said he will sign it into law.

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