China Allegedly Behind Massive Cyberattack

China Allegedly Behind Massive Cyberattack

( – Online attacks appear to be the order of the day for nations attempting to better their global position. While bullets and bombs were once the weapons of choice, hacking is becoming an increasingly common method of doing damage.

Last week, Microsoft announced that a hacking outfit based in China had accessed Microsoft Exchange, the company’s email server. The group, known as Hafnium, is believed to be state-sponsored. Analysts believe the attackers gained access to email messages sent and received by tens of thousands of American organizations. These were predominantly small businesses and state and local government bodies. However, more valuable targets may also have been breached, according to experts.

Now, it appears the breach has had significant ramifications for organizations based in Australia, as well. On Tuesday, March 9, the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) published a warning about potential data breaches for many organizations. It urged those who could have been affected to patch their version of Microsoft Exchange, rendering their systems safe from the loss of sensitive data going forward.

This is something American security agencies need to pay close attention to from now on.

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