Children Taught “Woke Math” in School, While Their Actual Math Proficiency Struggles

Children Taught

Woke Curriculum Puts American Kids WAY Behind

( – Should social justice principles enter into the instruction of subjects like science, technology, and math in schools? Those in charge of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) in Kentucky appear to think so. Recently, JCPS was required to make public the details of a presentation it organized entitled “Coaching and Teaching Anti-Racist Math at the High School Level” following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Some analysts are disturbed by the content of the talk.

The lengthy presentation contains instructions on how to, for example, “[create] a culture of belonging” and allow “students to see themselves” through math. It also warns that “parents complain” when it comes to these kinds of politically-motivated math lessons, inviting attendees to prepare their responses for this possibility.

Statistics have shown kids in Jefferson County are below the national average when it comes to mathematical proficiency. Additionally, an area resident who was part of the legal request to publicize the details of the presentation noted that children in Jefferson County have been struggling with math since around 2009, and that this trend is the same across racial demographics.

Do you think children in the area would be better served by apolitical instruction on subjects like math?

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