Children Become Targets of Vladimir Putin’s Latest Propaganda Effort

Children Become Targets of Vladimir Putin's Latest Propaganda Effort

New Vladimir Putin PROJECT Targets Little Children

( – As the war in Ukraine rumbles on, Russian President Vladimir Putin has increasingly come under scrutiny for his insistence on continuing with the conflict. Many are now comparing him to some of history’s most infamous despots, like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The Russian president’s latest move in relation to the nation’s children has done him no favors in this respect.

According to reports, Putin has just signed into law a measure to facilitate the creation of a youth movement aimed at increasing levels of patriotism in Russia. Children as young as six will be able to get involved on a voluntary basis. The program will include efforts to promote Russian society, including educating kids about the role of state police. It will also help to shape their professional and personal development and organize leisure activities in which they can participate.

Putin himself has been asked to lead the movement’s supervisory board.

Some of the principles the program organizers hope to instill in Russian kids include respect for adults and civil responsibility. Critics have noted this scheme bears some resemblance to youth programs that existed during the Soviet era, such as the Little Octobrists.

Do you think this move could shape the upbringing of Russian children for generations to come?

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