Child Star Reveals Mother’s Creepy Behavior in Memoir

( – Last year, child star Jennette McCurdy released a controversial bestseller entitled “I’m Glad My Mom Died.” McCurdy, who is now 31, claims her mother Debbie was extremely overbearing and controlling and made her feel like she couldn’t live her own life or have any form of independence. The former Nickelodeon star also opened up recently on the Louis Theroux Podcast show during an interview about things her mom did that upset her, including giving her showers until she was 18 in a way that “felt violating” and made her “uncomfortable.”

According to McCurdy, her mom gave her showers on a daily basis until she was “17 or 18” and would shampoo her hair and be “washing” her body, including feeling and inspecting her breasts and vagina. Her mother said she was simply “checking for cancer” and looking for any unusual “lumps,” but McCurdy says she wasn’t comfortable with it. When she asked if she could take showers alone, her mother Debbie flew into a hysterical meltdown and the subject was not raised again.

Debbie died of cancer in 2013 when McCurdy was 21, and McCurdy says that her whole life her mother treated her as an object who would always be asexual and never “grow up.” Her mother even got her to restrict calorie intake at age 11 in what eventually led to an eating disorder for McCurdy. As she became older and developed her own personality, McCurdy says like she felt her mother was disappointed and angry because it was taking away her maternal purpose.

McCurdy says her mom was also extremely jealous of her becoming famous at a young age, including McCurdy’s breakout success on the shows iCarly and Sam & Cat, which she starred in between 15 to 22. The allegedly obsessive and unhealthy behavior of McCurdy’s mom is fueling a conversation around child stars and the pressure put on them by parents. McCurdy struggled with bulimia for many years but says she is now “fully recovered.”

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