Chicago Set To Host the 2024 Democratic National Convention

( – Chicago, Illinois is set to host the Democratic National Convention in 2024. Incumbent President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party selected Chicago because it is located in “the heart of the battleground region,” The New York Times reported. The area is also a “union-friendly” environment, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Chicago was selected over Atlanta and New York, The Chicago Tribune reported. Chicago, Atlanta, and New York were finalists of the cities chosen by the Democratic National Convention to host the re-nomination of incumbent President Joe Biden. However, the final selection rested with the president, who ultimately chose Chicago. Biden called the selection a “great choice” for hosting the convention, which is tentatively scheduled for August 19-22, 2024.

The Democratic National Convention’s primary purpose is to nominate the Democratic candidate for the presidential race.

The Republican National Convention is the Republican party’s answer to the DNC. Republicans have chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the area for their convention, which is scheduled for July of 2024, CNN reported.

Anticipation for the DNC and RNC has been looking. In July of 2022, former China country director for the Defense Department Joseph Bosco wrote an opinion for The Hill that highlighted how the two conventions could prevent an “electoral” disaster. In Bosco’s view, at the time of his opinion, the RNC and DNC had time to prevent an “electoral” disaster.

Bosco warned that such a task should not be left to one man, as it was to former Vice President Mike Pence, who, in Bosco’s view, “heroically” stood in the gap to proceed with election certification in 2021. Bosco stated that as the nominee appointing conventions, it was up to the RNC and the DNC to elevate individuals for nomination who are good for the country.

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