ChatGPT Executive Praises China

( – The CEO of popular AI text-producing site ChatGPT has publicly praised the Chinese Communist regime, in a statement that alarmed the American public. In addition to the praise, the CEO reportedly “throttled” access to the tool in Hong Kong, the Chinese city that functions under another branch of government within the Chinese regime.

ChatGPT is owned by Open AI. The Open AI CEO Sam Altman has come under criticism following statements made to Chinese regime officials. Altman called on the Chinese regime to help support the production of AI reportedly saying that open AI systems needed open global collaboration.

The ChatGPT CEO’s call for open global cooperation came as Chinese national companies explored chatbot systems which seemed to underwhelm in the marketplace.

In the Chinese regime, a crackdown on technology prevented ChatGPT from spreading in the nation. China has since produced a rival of ChatGPT, which was created by the Baidu company. The rival AI platform is called “Ernie”, called Weixin in Chinese. The Weixin chatbot reportedly works better in the Mandarin Chinese language than in English.

The Baidu-produced chatbot reportedly did not perform well with its investors. Media analysts stated that the Chinese equivalent underperformed and “disappointed” investors, while it did have a “cute” name.

The ChatGPT CEO’s controversial statements followed months of growing concerns about the Chinese regime’s espionage in the Western world.

In March, the CEO of TikTok was compelled to appear before Congress to give a full account of how the entity used American consumer data and whether the Chinese regime’s intelligence detail had access to this data. The United States has mulled a full-stop ban on TikTok across the country unless TikTok agreed to sell the app to an American entity.

In May, the Governor of Montana signed a bill banning TikTok in the state of Montana. This move followed months of growing concerns in Montana of Chinese espionage after a Chinese surveillance craft was spotted in the sky above Billings.

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