Centrists Consider a “Fall Back” Plan if Biden, McCarthy Fail To Negotiate Debt Ceiling

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Centrists are planning to float a fallback plan for the U.S. national debt crisis as negotiations between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over debt ceiling lifts and contingencies seem to stall, The Hill reported. McCarthy has stated that, while raising the national debt ceiling is non-negotiable, the U.S. government must set contingencies on future spending. Biden, however, has been critical of McCarthy’s proposal to Congress, which, in his view, proposes “huge cuts” to Americans, calling the proposed bill “wacko,” the Associated Press reported.

The political rhetoric between the House Speaker along with his party and the President along with his party has heated up. McCarthy mocked the “missing in action” Democrat representatives.

As the House Speaker and the President seem unable to reach a negotiation, centrists are becoming more concerned. Anticipating a failed negotiation, the centrist Problem Solvers Caucasus outlined a “bare bones’ fiscal wishlist policy, The Hill reported.

As the political rhetoric is heating up in Congress, media buzzes surrounding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s U.S. debt ceiling crisis proposal. Left-leaning media outlets, such as CNN, claimed that the U.S. economy could “depend” on McCarthy “rallying extremist” Republican troops. The CNN analysis claimed that “millions of Americans” could “face massive consequences” should McCarthy fail to navigate out of the “national debt trap” that he allegedly set for President Biden.

While the left-leaning outlets claimed McCarthy was trapping the president, McCarthy appeared on Fox News and explained the national debt plan on the Sean Hannity show. McCarthy explained the Limit, Save, and Grow Act of 2023 and “mocked” the “missing in action” Democrats who have failed to negotiate the bill. McCarthy told Hannity that he had not seen the president in “75 days”. McCarthy claimed that the president had told him that he would negotiate the debt ceiling at a prayer breakfast, and had told other Democratic Congress members that he would negotiate, but that he is “not all all” negotiating now.

NBC reported that the McCarthy plan “targeted Biden’s agenda” by limiting discretionary spending, which would reportedly eliminate Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

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