Cartel Drops Bomb Using Drone in Devastating Attack

Cartel Drops Bomb Using Drone in Devastating Attack

( – Drone technology has been a revolutionary development in many respects. It has vastly improved our ability to capture images and footage over landscapes, and companies are beginning to use it for delivery purposes, as well. However, when the wrong kinds of people use it, it can cause serious devastation.

On Monday, January 10, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) used drones to drop explosives on inhabitants of a wooded area in Tepalcatepec, Mexico. Numerous individuals had to run for their lives after the drone began dropping its bombs until one resident eventually managed to shoot it down.

You can see footage of the devastating attack in the tweet below.

This is just the latest outbreak of cartel violence in Michoacan, a Mexican state with a population of nearly five million that has become increasingly lawless in recent times. Residents of the area are reportedly fleeing to neighboring Mexican states, as well as to the US, out of fear for their safety. A recent attack on the Michoacan city of Chinicuila also used drone strikes.

Do events like these carry an indication of where cartel warfare is headed in the future? If so, there could be more dark days like this to come.

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