Cardi B in Hot Water After Throwing Microphone at Fan

( – A police report for battery has been filed against rapper and singer Cardi B after a fan complained that the artist threw a microphone at her during a performance in Las Vegas.

In a video – which has gone viral following the incident – Cardi B was seen throwing the microphone at the female fan, but only after the said concertgoer threw a drink at the rapper while she was performing one of her hit singles, “Bodak Yellow.”

The video shows the singer shocked for a second after she is drenched by the contents of the drink, and then angrily retaliating by throwing the microphone at the perpetrator. Security for the event, which was held at Drai’s Beach Club, scrambled to escort the fan away from the stage. The performance came to a halt for several more moments before Cardi B recomposed herself and continued with her set.

In a statement to a news outlet, Las Vegas police said that the still unnamed fan’s complaint stated that she was hit “by an item that was thrown from the stage.” The report is on record, but at the moment, there have been no citations nor arrests issued with regard to the incident.

This was not the first mic-throwing incident the rapper was involved in, however. In another video posted on social media platform Tiktok just the night before the incident, Cardi B was seen hurling the microphone at the DJ after a performance in the same venue.

Both Drai’s Beach Club and Cardi B have not issued any statement with regard to the fracas.

This clash between artist and fan is the latest in a spate of assaults against performers on stage by unruly attendees – another popular female singer, Bebe Rexha, posted a picture of her bruised face on Instagram with the caption “I’m good,” after being hit with a phone thrown at her during a performance in New York. Rexha fell on her knees after being struck and had to be escorted off the stage for her safety. The 27-year old male suspect was charged with several crimes, and explained his behavior by saying he thought it “would be funny” to hit the singer with his phone. Pop sensation Harry Styles was also hit with an unknown object at a performance in Vienna, while rapper Drake called on the person who threw a vape at him at a recent concert at the Barclays Center in New York to do some “real life evaluating.”

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