Candace Owens Hints at Big Political Future

Candace Owens Hints at Big Political Future

( – Despite the best efforts of career politicians and Big Tech, anti-establishment politics is growing in popularity and importance. Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, voters have realized there’s room for figures who offer to represent real Americans.

Candace Owens is one such figure. The 31-year-old is a best-selling author and regular guest on popular podcasts. She was also a strong supporter of Donald Trump during his presidency. On Saturday, February 6, she announced via Twitter that she was considering a bid for the White House herself.

There are many reasons to like the idea of Candace Owens’ candidacy for president. First, she is a highly capable political analyst, and one who’s entirely unafraid to call out hypocrisy and self-serving legislative agendas. She’s also a promoter of conservatism among people of color, and she uses her powerful communication skills to advocate for the issues she feels strongly about.

Owens did not indicate when she would like to go for election. However, if Donald Trump decides against running in 2024, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her name in the shake-up for the GOP nomination.

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