California Wildfires Surpass 4 Million Acres Burned

California Wildfires Surpass 4 Million Acres Burned

( – On Monday, October 5, America learned the wildfires currently blazing in California have burned over 4 million acres of land. These are by far the most damaging wildfires in the state’s history. The fires of 2018, which previously held that record, did less than half the damage of those that have occurred in 2020.

There are currently 16,000 firefighters fighting this battle in California. Despite their efforts, the problem continues to worsen. The fire service responded to 26 new wildfires on Sunday alone. The total number has now risen above 8,300. The effect this has had on the environment is truly startling, with smog and orange skies visible across the West.

The human cost of these fires is starting to climb as well — 31 people lost their lives and nearly 9,000 buildings are damaged. Many more people have lost all or part of their livelihoods, particularly those who work the land.

Temperature drops and greater rainfall in the coming weeks should help the emergency services in their struggle against these fires. With everything else going on in the world today, the end of this disaster can’t come quickly enough.

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