Buttigieg and Rudy Giuliani Among Political Figures to Visit East Palestine Crash Site

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani were among the political figures to be seen in East Palestine, Ohio, following the catastrophic derailment of a train that led to a massive chemical leak, Politico reported. Analysts called the situation a “political fracas,” following the escalation of the political rhetoric surrounding the events.

Other political figures to visit the site include former President Donald Trump, who called the federal response to the train derailment a “betrayal.” Upon visiting, Trump passed out pallets of what he called “Trump Water,” Politico reported.

The train derailment has left the citizens of East Palestine under a cloud of uncertainty. The residents are unsure whether the city water is safe, whether they can stay in their homes and other living arrangement concerns. Many have experienced bloody noses and headaches. Others are reportedly uncertain of what to make of the many celebrity figures who have appeared in their small township. Citizens interviewed said that politicians would make hour-long visits and then leave, not fully understanding the plight of the town.

The first report of the East Palestine train derailment was released by the National Transportation Safety Board on February 23, giving insights into the causes of the crash, CNN reported. While the derailment was “100% preventable” it is not clear if the conductors committed any wrongdoing. The report provided deep insights into the crash, including an aerial photograph of the train and the burn radius surrounding it.

Even as the National Transportation Safety Board filed its report, Ohio’s environmental officials made a civil referral to the Ohio attorney general’s office to begin the process of taking legal and equitable action against Norfolk Southern. Norfolk Southern is the railway company that owned the derailed train. The company has faced intense criticism following the events of the derailment, with the Environmental Protection Agency stating it can fine the entity $70,000 for every day it does not clean up and pay reparations for the wreckage.

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