Bragg Fights House Oversight Committee Inquiry Into Trump Indictment

( – The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has responded to the House Oversight Committee’s letter inquiring about his potential indictment of former President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported. The House Oversight Committee’s GOP members had called the district attorney’s inquiry “unprecedented” and “unlawful,” NPR News reported. The DA responded that the Manhattan DA office would not “allow” a Congressional investigation to “impede” the exercise of New York’s “sovereign police power,” an emailed letter from the DA’s office, delivered on March 23, stated.

The DA stated that their office was investigating Trump for violation of “New York State penal law.” The DA office likewise accused the House Oversight Committee of an “unprecedented inquiry” into a pending local prosecution. The office claimed that the letter from the House Oversight Committee, dated March 20, was only sent after Donald Trump claimed that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday, March 21. The D.A. claimed that the House Oversight reacted with the letter only after Trump’s lawyers urged the members to intervene.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers told the former president to “prepare to lose” to the District Attorney, the Rolling Stone reported. Rather, the Trump team reportedly told Trump to “win on appeal.” Trump’s legal team reportedly believes that Trump will not receive a fair trial in Manhattan, which is a predominantly Democrat area.

Donald Trump is being investigated for hush money his company paid to former adult film star Stormy Daniels. Daniels claimed that she and Trump had an intimate encounter before the 2016 Presidential Election cycle and that, to buy her silence over the affair, the Trump company paid her $130,000.

Trump’s potential indictment is pending in the Manhattan Criminal Court. At the time of this report, Trump had not yet been indicted or arrested for the allegations Bragg brought against him.

Bragg was “poised to arrest” Trump, The New York Times reported, due to the alleged falsified documents that went into paying Daniels hush money.

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