Brad Pitt’s Adopted Son Hates Him, Apparently

( – Brad Pitt may be smooth and charismatic when in front of the camera, but in real life he could not be more different – at least according to one of his adopted children, Pax.

Pax was adopted by actress Angelina Jolie – to whom Pitt was married to several years – from an orphanage in Vietnam in 2007. He was abandoned by his mother, who was addicted to heroin. Pitt formally adopted Pax in 2008.

Now 19-years-old, the young man reportedly called Pitt a “world-class *******” and a in a social media post that can only be viewed by friends and family. The Daily Mail first uncovered the post, which was supposedly posted on Father’s Day 2020.

“So Happy Father’s Day, you ******* awful human being,” part of Pax’s “greeting” went. It was attached to a picture of Pitt receiving his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Pax further claims that Pitt had a tendency to make his children “tremble in fear” due to his violent behavior. Moreover, “time and time and again,” Pax claimed, Pitt proved to be “a terrible and despicable person,” adding that Pitt made their lives a “constant hell” because of his treatment of them.

“You will never understand,” Pax wrote, “the damage you have done to my family,” adding that Pitt was “incapable of doing so.”

Pax statements are seemingly supported by a 2022 report from Variety that detailed a violent encounter in 2016 aboard a private flight where Pitt allegedly assaulted Jolie and their children. Pitt supposedly “choked” one child and hit another in face after arguing with Jolie and accusing her of being too “deferential” to their children. Pitt also allegedly “shook” his then-wife before slamming her into the plane’s bathroom wall.

Pitt and Jolie’s divorce proceedings have been messy, to say the least – the two have constantly been at loggerheads, filing suits against each other over pieces of property they have acquired over the years.

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