Border Town Judge Blasts Biden

Border Town Judge Blasts Biden

( – President Joe Biden has worn out his welcome with many sections of American society. Veterans have primarily turned against the president following his disastrous execution of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, while liberty advocates have lost faith in him over his vaccine mandate measures. However, the people most fed up with Biden’s performance appear to be those living in border communities — even some Democrats.

On Thursday, September 23, Judge Tano Tijerina (D) of Webb County, Texas, was sharply critical of the Biden administration during an appearance on Fox News. Judge Tijerina said the president’s policies on immigration had created massive costs for border communities. He also said the administration’s claim it’s focusing on public health was “BS,” as the stream of people across our southern border was a massive threat in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

Tijerina also expressed concerns about the Haitian migrants that had arrived in Texas recently, claiming many individuals had behaved in a “pushy” fashion compared to members of other migrant communities.

The judge also criticized the media for latching onto images of Border Patrol agents attempting to create the impression the authorities were mistreating migrants.

Remember, Tijerina is a Democrat. If President Biden’s party colleagues are starting to turn on him, that’s a clear indication he’s not performing to the required standard as president.

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