Boebert Slams Trump for Endorsing McCarthy

Boebert Slams Trump for Endorsing McCarthy

( – The Republican Party is in the middle of an upheaval in terms of its hierarchy and power dynamics. Former President Donald Trump, the darling and unquestioned leader of the GOP in recent years, has fallen from grace since the midterm elections. He broke with some of the party’s more radical figures when he endorsed House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for the speakership in the next Congress. Now, he’s catching criticism over this decision from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

The former president announced he was backing McCarthy via his own social media platform, Truth Social. In a post on Wednesday, January 4, Trump stated it was time for House Republicans to stop procrastinating and elect McCarthy. He said installing McCarthy as speaker would send “CRAZY NANCY PELOSI” back to “A VERY BROKEN CALIFORNIA.” He also said it was time for Republicans “TO CELEBRATE.”

During a speech on the issue in the House chamber, Rep. Boebert alleged she and some of her allies had experienced a lot of pressure from Republicans seeking to elect McCarthy. She criticized Trump for backing the House Republican leader, stating he had called her and other lawmakers to try to persuade them to back down.

Boebert has repeatedly backed Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) for the position of speaker in recent days.

McCarthy’s bid to nail down the speakership had been a major source of political drama over the past week. On Saturday, January 7, the California Republican finally clinched the coveted office after 15 votes. Throughout the battle, a determined group of GOP lawmakers remained resolute in their insistence on backing other candidates.

Do you agree with Lauren Boebert’s decision to criticize Donald Trump over his backing of the divisive Kevin McCarthy?

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