Boat Runs Aground and Collides with Lake of the Ozarks Home

( – The message from police couldn’t be clearer following a disastrous incident on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri: don’t drink and boat. Late on the night of Saturday, July 22, a drunk man plowed his boat into a house on the lakeshore, smashing the boat and tossing his eight passengers overboard.

According to police, the man’s boat impacted the home near the main channel of the lake, then flipped over, throwing all eight passengers and the captain on the ground with various non-life-threatening injuries. The captain of the boat has been named as 47-year-old Adam Ramirez, and he was seriously injured and kept in hospital until Sunday. The victims suffered significant injuries and were also taken to hospital, with five of the eight let out of hospital by Monday.

This is far from the first disastrous incident on the Lake of the Ozarks in the past few months. In fact, 13 individuals have been badly injured and three individuals have lost their lives from boating mishaps and drowning in the past three months alone on Lake of the Ozarks.

Police say Ramirez was visiting from Huntington Beach, California, and has been charged with drunk boating. Missouri Highway Patrol officer Kyle Green said everyone onboard was from outside of Missouri visiting and noted that two individuals asleep in the home at the time of impact woke up but were unhurt by the boat’s impact on their home.

Neighbor Ethan Leigh said the “big loud noise” confused him and everyone else who woke up at the time, along with the sudden rush of emergency vehicles approaching their neighborhood for an unknown reason. The home struck by Ramirez’s boat was seriously damaged, including having the steps torn away. The home suffered partial demolition of its brick wall and damage to the roof. Police are asking curious onlookers to stay away from the crash site or taking photos as they continue the process of investigating exactly what happened.

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