Blue State IN TROUBLE – Biden Is Desperate!

Joe Biden Says

Blue State Oregon Requires Biden To Help as Red Wave Builds Up

( – The polls have recently begun to show the House of Representatives is highly likely to fall to Republicans, and that the Senate could very well go the same way. This is partly due to rising levels of conservatism in blue states. Oregon, which could be about to elect its first Republican governor since 1987, is a perfect example.

Democratic Governor Kate Brown cannot run again due to term limits. Facing off to replace her are Democrat Tina Kotek, Republican Christine Drazan, and Independent Betsy Johnson. Johnson has raised more funds than either of her opponents and appeals to both Republican and Democratic voters.

Drazan currently leads the polls by a few points, and the Biden Administration is clearly worried she’ll flip the governor’s mansion to Red. President Joe Biden even traveled to the state last week, an unusual step for a commander-in-chief to take this close to an election given the traditionally liberal state of Oregon. This is just one among a number of nontraditional engagements for the president in recent times; he also visited a Republican-dominated district of upstate New York just before going to Oregon.

It seems Biden is scrambling to do what he can to prevent blue states from going red.

Do you think Biden’s appearance will have any sway on the gubernatorial race?

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