Bill Barr Weighs in on Trump

( – “It’s silly, it’s silly.” Former attorney general Bill Barr said of claims by former President Donald Trump and his lawyers that the trial dates for his indictments were unfair.

Speaking to John Roberts on Fox News, Barr said that it was not “a principle of the criminal justice system” for public official accused of wrongdoing to be granted a stay on trials involving them just because they are running in an election. “It doesn’t give them immunity,” Barr said, adding that “if there’s enough time to have it (a case) resolved before the election, it should be resolved.”

Barr was asked the question in response to a statement given by former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who said that it was not Trump’s cases that interferes with the primary process, but rather “Donald Trump’s conduct,” given the former president’s “insistence on running for president of the United States” despite his multiple indictments and being out on bail. Christie also insisted that while the justness of the charges was debatable, “they are here,” he said.

Barr said he agreed with Christie. “I think the governor is right.” “The idea that this (the cases and the trial dates) is interfering with the election is simply wrong,” the former attorney general told Roberts in the interview.

Trump was livid, as expected, lashing out at Barr, Christie and Roberts on Truth Social, the social media platform he owns, calling Roberts a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only), and Christie a “failed political candidate,” while he called Barr “lethargic” and doubled down on his claim that he fired Barr (as opposed to the latter’s claim that he resigned). He also called Barr and Christie “two losers” and called on Republicans to unite against “Fascist Lunatics”.

Barr also told Fox News that the request for a “special master” by the Trump legal team in the classified documents case was a “red herring” and a “waste of time.” In Barr’s opinion, regardless of Trump’s claim that he “declassified” the documents in question, there was no reason for the former chief executive to take them home with him since these documents belong to the government in the first place.

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