Bill Barr Kept Biden Investigation A Secret For Months

Barr Reportedly Hid Hunter Biden Probe

( – Some of the greatest damage done to this year’s Democratic presidential campaign came, not from Joe Biden, but rather his son Hunter. News broke in October of the younger Biden’s possible involvement in illegal business dealings with Ukrainian executives. While no investigation into the matter has concluded (yet), there was evidence his father may have been party to inappropriate operations.

AG Barr’s Involvement

More legal troubles have since come knocking at Hunter Biden’s door. He revealed on Wednesday, December 9, that his tax affairs are under federal investigation. However, in an unexpected twist to the story, it now appears Attorney General William Barr has known about this probe for months. In fact, sources have suggested Barr actually made efforts to keep this news from becoming public knowledge.

There are reports Barr actually resisted requests from Congressional Republicans to release information about this investigation as long ago as the spring. It’s not yet clear why he made this decision; the Justice Department did not comment on the matter.

Is William Barr’s Job in Danger?

This story comes in the context of whispers about tense relations between the president and his attorney general. Barr publicly distanced himself from the president’s position on election fraud last week. However, Conservative publications and commentators have criticized Barr’s stance on the matter, questioning his commitment to truthful reporting of the facts. There are now rumors that Trump is considering firing the AG, or that he might quit.

Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings may well go down as the great untold story of this year’s election. Between the stifling of the New York Post article about him by tech companies and the cover-up of this probe by William Barr, the public missed several opportunities at a true glimpse of his character. It’s reasonable to wonder how different the outcome of the election would have been if voters got a chance to look properly at the Biden family’s various indiscretions.

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