Big Tech Launches Assault on American Democracy

Big Tech Launches Assault on American Democracy

( – Big Tech’s bias against conservative politics has gradually become more insidious over the past few years. Social media giants have moved from quiet restriction of some voices to blatant censorship of even the most important right-leaning commentators.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s latest attack on freedom of political speech came into force on Tuesday, October 27. Zuckerberg has stated his platform is banning new political advertising for the week leading up to Election Day.

Of course, Facebook will claim this affects all political content equally. However, because of the political tensions around mail-in voting, it’s reasonable to assume a far greater percentage of Democrat voters have already cast their ballots than Republican voters. This move will therefore favor the Left hugely.

This comes just after Facebook’s controversial restriction of the New York Post story about Hunter Biden.

With so much going on in the world of politics at the moment, it’s difficult to say how great an effect any one factor will have on the upcoming elections. When the dust settles after November 3, however, tech corporations may have a lot of explaining to do about their role in the distribution of media.

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