Big Tech Considers Removal of Dislike Count

Big Tech Considers Removal of Dislike Count

( – “Likes” and “dislikes” are among the most contentious aspects of social media and other online platforms. On YouTube, where the numbers of likes and dislikes on each video are clearly visible next to each other, the ratio can serve as a convenient indicator for the quality of the content (or the support for its producer).

YouTube has announced now that it is considering the removal of the public views of dislike counters from its videos. The company claims it’s due to concerns around “well-being and targeted dislike campaigns.”

Unsurprisingly, the like/dislike ratios on the White House’s viewer official YouTube channel have been dismal of late. At the time of writing, the video linked below (which was released on Saturday, March 27) has just over 400 likes, compared to over 4,000 dislikes.

The White House page has disabled comments, so we can’t see the count or what viewers are saying. It’s not unreasonable to think the reason could be that people are expressing dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Are these two seemingly independent developments connected?

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