Big Pharma Under Scrutiny After Accusations From Staff

Big Pharma Under Scrutiny After Accusations From Staff

( – Big Tech gets so much negative press nowadays that it’s almost easy to forget there are corporate giants in other industries exploiting consumers to just as great an extent. The pharmaceutical space provides us with perhaps the best example.

As Drugwatch pointed out, Big Pharma has over 1,300 lobbyists pursuing its interests on Capitol Hill. A BMJ report from 2012 claimed that for every $1 spent on “basic research,” pharmaceuticals firms spent an average of $19 on marketing and promotion. None of this paints a picture of an industry set up to benefit its customers.

Eli Lilly in Hot Water

On Wednesday, May 5, Reuters published an exclusive report on a scandal that has hit pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. Last month, an internal complaint was filed with the company alleging that a senior executive rewrote technical details on documents required by the federal government for regulatory purposes. This had the effect of making quality-control issues at the firm seem less serious than they actually were.

This is not the first indication of problems at Eli Lilly. Several of its factories have been investigated by the FDA this year, with inspectors reporting poor sanitation practices along with other quality-control issues. The company’s CFO also resigned in February amid controversy about “inappropriate personal communications” with another employee.

Potential Issues With COVID-19 Drug

Lilly makes Bamlanivimab, a drug doctors were administering to certain categories of high-risk patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. The FDA revoked the drug’s emergency use authorization (EUA) last month, as it appears to be less effective against newer strains of the virus.

Now, with the manufacturing issues plaguing the company, it appears production of the treatment has stalled. An employee complaint alleges Bamlanivimab has not been shipped from Lilly’s Branchburg plant for around two months, though Reuters could not confirm this.

At a time when societies around the world are relying on the pharmaceutical industry to get them past COVID-19, stories like this one do not make for pleasant reading.

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