Biden’s Team Is Worried About Disaster at the Border

( – The Biden administration staff is reportedly concerned that disaster is brewing at the U.S. Southern Border. Biden’s staff fears a new “spike” in illegal crossings.

In June, Biden administration officials reportedly weighed growing concerns over a new spike in illegal crossings into the United States. Despite claiming that border crossings were down by 70% following the repeal of Title 42, a World War 2 era health code to prevent migrant entries to the United States and prevent the spread of foreign communicable diseases, the Biden administration still appears uneasy.

Biden administration officials told the media that, as the migrant crossings slowed, there was a collective feeling that officials could “exhale.” Yet, the official also warned that no one would declare a “victory” or say that the situation would not change because the status of illegal crossings at the border has been too “fluid” in recent history for administration officials to truly relax.

Concerns continued to grow over the United States Southern Border across the political aisle as the Title 42 legal health code expired, and, as the Biden administration did not renew it, some border security analysts feared it would facilitate mass migration crossings.

On the other side of the political aisle, Republicans have ramped up their criticism of Biden’s border security crisis, calling it the “worst” in American history. A Congress document obtained by Politico gave an overview of the crisis, from both a financial and a human cost perspective. Lawmakers highlighted how, since 2021, migrant apprehension of law enforcement was on the rise, as a growing number of migrants entered the U.S. illegally and then evaded border agents to proceed to sneak inside the country.

Toughening up its stance on immigration, the Biden administration reportedly instituted a five-year ban for migrants who did not qualify for asylum in the U.S. and who were caught entering the U.S. illegally.

Yet, despite its toughening stance, the administration’s new methods to control the border influx have been heavily criticized.

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