Biden’s Dog Claims a 12th Victim in Yet Another Attack

( – President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, has exited the White House following numerous incidents nipping and biting White House staff and Secret Service agents.

Commander, who is a tw-year-old German Sheperd, has reported to have bit or nipped various staff at the White House, on top of 11 other incidents involving him being aggressive with the president’s protective agents. News outlet the Daily Mail also published a photo, taken by a tourist, that shows the dog biting 71-year-old Dale Haney, who serves as the White House’s grounds superintendent. The White House insisted that the dog was merely playing with Haney and was not actually biting him.

Commander was not the first dog of the First Family to have been removed from the White House – another German Shepherd, Major, was moved to the Biden’s house in Delaware due to even more aggressive behavior.

News outlet Axios reported that White House staff, some of whom are tasked to walk the dogs outside, were generally fearful of both Commander and Major, due to their temperament. Some staff even had to be seen by the medical unit of the White House due to injuries the two dogs gave them. The dogs, Major in particular, have also been known to damage property in the White House, including a number of priceless antique furniture pieces.

The dogs’ aggression was so bad that the office of the First Lady received a warning that the animals’ behavior could prompt someone to file a lawsuit unless something was done about them.

Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for the Office of the First Lady, said that the Biden’s “care deeply about the safety” of White House workers and staff, as well as members of the Secret Service. The Biden’s said that they were thankful “for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and all involved” and are working “through solutions” and are evaluating the next steps they will take following Commander’s exit from the White House.

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