Biden’s Approval Ratings “Among the Worst” for 2nd Year of Presidency

( – President Biden’s approval ratings are some of the worst for a second year president, The New York Times reported. Economic woes were credited as one of the primary reasons for the president’s downturn.

Biden’s approval rating at the time of this report was between 44-45%, taking data from a mix of polls and had remained “unchanged” since November, NBC News reported.

His approval rating went up from its previous position in May, which was 39%. In October, Pew Research Center stated that Biden’s approval rating for late 2022 was “similar” to Trump’s during October 2018, but was still “historically lower” than many other presidents.

President Biden’s numbers in mid 2022 were still comparatively higher than the president with the lowest recent historic approval rating. In 2008, The Roper Center, a Cornell University organization focused on polling national public opinion, stated that former President George W. Bush had the lowest ever approval rating, coming in at 19%.

In close second was Harry Truman, who in 1952 had a 22% approval rating, and in third was Richard Nixon, who in 1974 had an 23% rating, the Roper Center analyzed.

In a poll by NBC relevant to the time of this report, roughly 50% of American adults disapproved of Biden.

Biden’s low marks were attributed to the economy, foreign policy, and his influence over national unity, NBC reported.

In the hours leading up to the State of the Union, CNN reported that President Biden was “in a weak position” to give the address. Polls of his low approval rating were released five days before he was to give the address. Political analysts reasoned that, while Democrats are backing the president up, they may not be ready to commit to Biden’s potential run for reelection in 2024.

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