Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to “Lower Than F” Among Fox Polled Americans in D.C.

( – Among the residents of D.C. that Fox News polled on President Biden, on a scale of A to F, some of them stated they would give Biden a “lower than F ” approval score for his presidential performance, Fox News reported. Most Americans polled by Fox stated that, in their view, the president represents himself poorly. One polled individual referred to as “Brandy” stated that Biden represents himself “as a puppet,” and this, in her view, was “disheartening” because it made the American people “look weak.”

However, despite the negative poll responses from D.C. residents, a Delaware native polled said he was proud of his home-state president and gave the president an “A,” Fox News reported.

Biden’s presidential approval has been on a recent decline. At least “90 percent of polls” reviewed projected that an average of 52.8% of Americans “disapprove” of Biden, compared to the 42.9% of Americans who approve, Five Thirty-Eight reported. The stats from Five Thirty-Eight most recently compared polls by Rasmussen, TIPP Insights, Big Village, Echelon Insights, and YouGov within the dates of March 27 and April 2. At the time of this report, the average increase of Biden’s disapproval rating was estimated at a +9.9 increase. Other polls older than March 27-April 2 were also consulted. At the time of this report, the polls ranging between March 27-April 2 were the most recent statistics.

Gallup polls explained that Biden was “underwater” over his performance on the environment, energy policy, foreign affairs, and the economy.

Biden’s approval rating dropped following his State of the Union address, The Hill reported. Democratic political commentators weighed Biden’s biggest challenges in re-election potential, with some suggesting his age would be the biggest challenging factor, argued Abi Rahman, in an opinion column written for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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