Bidenflation: Ron DeSantis Slams Biden Over 40-Year Inflation High

Bidenflation: Ron DeSantis Slams Biden Over 40-Year Inflation High

( – Inflation has been a major buzzword in the news headlines recently. Prices began rising sharply as we exited the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated the problem further, pushing gas prices to record highs. According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), the White House owes Americans many answers.

The popular conservative leader slammed President Joe Biden in the below tweet on Thursday, March 10. DeSantis highlighted the fact statistics from February revealed 40-year peaks in terms of inflation. He claimed these price rises were beginning with energy, but spreading to all areas of the economy. According to the Florida governor, President Biden must “unleash American energy production” if he wants to reduce our reliance on Russian oil and gas imports and stem the rising tide of inflation.

This isn’t the governor’s first submission on the energy crisis. Earlier last week, he appealed to the White House to return America to a state of energy independence, which it enjoyed under former President Donald Trump. However, the Biden administration’s focus on lowering America’s carbon emissions has pushed energy independence further down on its priority.

Do you think this current energy and inflation crisis might see Biden change course, or will he continue to neglect the domestic energy production sector?

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