Biden Warns China; Critics Say He “Waited Too Long” To Fire on Chinese Spy Balloon

( – During his televised State of the Union address, President Joe Biden delivered a “dramatic warning” to China, CNN reported.

Biden stated that the United States “would act” if national sovereignty was threatened. He said that he had spoken with Chinese Communist regime president Xi Jinping expressing that the United States wants to compete, not to wage conflict. The United States has been making competitive investments into its economics globally, the president explained.

Biden claimed that the United States had “made clear” in the week before the State of the Union was given on February 7 that the U.S. would take action to preserve its sovereignty. The president referred to the case of the Chinese reconnaissance balloon. A balloon the size of three metro buses was seen flying over U.S. airspace.

U.S. defense forces are confident the balloon came from China and was an aircraft used in gathering computer vision intelligence through images. An F22 fighter jet shot down the balloon above the Atlantic Ocean, the Associated Press reported. Then, the U.S. Navy recovered its pieces for analysis, NBC reported.

Biden argued that the decision to shoot the balloon down was a “clear message” to China that the U.S. would take action against threats to national sovereignty.

However, Biden’s critics say he waited too long, and allowed the balloon, which was first sighted over the U.S. west coast, to fly over the entire continental United States before it was shot down in the Atlantic airspace. Lawmakers have called on Biden to give a shoot-down decision explanation, The Wall Street Journal reported. Lawmakers expressed their eagerness for more information, as Republicans had debated whether to have a disapproval vote over the time Biden waited to act.

Critics were concerned about how much information the craft could have collected before it was shot down, and warned that it was seen flying over U.S. nuclear missile facilities.

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