Biden Visited Ireland To Celebrate Good Friday Agreement Amid Tense Post-Brexit Trade Politics

( – President Biden traveled to Belfast, Ireland, scheduled between April 11-14, to meet with the Irish Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. Biden’s visit was in keeping with American tradition, as the United States has reportedly been a component of mediating the Irish peace process. However, Biden’s state visit came at a “delicate political juncture” in the region’s politics, Reuters reported.

However, Biden’s visit also came amid tense post-Brexit trade politics, following North Ireland’s walkout of a post-Brexit trade meeting. North Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom but also has close ties to the European Union. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union left Northern Ireland “poised uneasily” between the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Independent reported.

Biden said that keeping the Good Friday agreement and the Windsor agreement in place were his “main priorities,” as he traveled to Ireland, The Guardian reported. The American president is also expected to support Sunak’s deal for the region in the wake of Brexit.

The American president also prioritizes Irish politics because his mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden, was an Irish American. The president will visit his ancestral homelands in Ireland as part of his diplomatic visit, NPR News reported.

Biden’s overt relation to his Irish heritage has been kept with a strong tradition in recent news. In March, the president celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the White House with flair and even invited Irish pop star Niall Horan to perform, Dublin Live reported. . Political analysts stated that Biden is more open about the Irish heritage of his ancestry than the late President John F. Kennedy was, NPR reported.

Biden’s status as “Working Class Joe” and his relationship to this Irish heritage has been a large component of his political platform, political analysts explained. Through this heritage, political analysts reason that Biden will successfully mediate peace amid the current tensions in Ireland.

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