Biden Under Fire After Comparing Jews Fleeing Germany to Illegal Migrants

Biden Under Fire After Comparing Jews Fleeing Germany to Illegal Migrants

( – Since President Joe Biden took office at the beginning of 2021, he has faced near-constant criticism from Conservatives and Independents over his management of the southwest border. Illegal crossings have hit record numbers over the last two years, but the Biden Administration has remained reluctant to change course in terms of its laissez-faire immigration policies. Now, the president is facing criticism over a comparison he drew between illegal immigrants and Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.

On Thursday, January 5, a reporter asked Biden whether he believed migration should be regarded as a human right. The president responded that he did think so “if your family is being persecuted.” He went on to remark that “Jews in Germany” should have had the right to leave the country during the Holocaust to “get help where they could.” Vice President Kamala Harris was visible in the background while the president said this and could be seen nodding in agreement, according to The Jerusalem Post. After making the comparison, Biden went on to state that American citizens have the right to expect proper border security measures to be in place.

Critics were quick to highlight the inappropriateness of this comparison. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) noted many of the individuals who enter the United States illegally are known to be criminals, and remarks like Biden’s make it more difficult to make progress on border security issues.

Trump administration official Stephen Miller also slammed Biden over his comparison. Miller opined that the statement was “an outrageous minimization of the Holocaust,” and accused Biden of being willing to “say … anything to expand illegal immigration.”

It’s clear that his comments did not go over well, and one can only wonder if this will make his future list of gaffes.

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