Biden Says Your Children Are No Longer Yours While at School

Biden Says Your Children Are No Longer Yours While at School

Biden’s Incredible Comment About Children Reveals His True Colors

( – When Conservatives criticize Liberals, they often use the word “overreach.” Whether it’s in relation to vaccination mandates, movement restrictions, taxation, media censorship, or another issue, many left-wing leaders are willing to risk restricting the freedoms of citizens in pursuit of some lofty goal. Now, commentators are going after President Joe Biden for his recent remarks about the allegedly diminished role of parents while their kids are at school.

On Wednesday, April 27, the president addressed a Teacher of the Year event. During his speech, he repeatedly stressed his belief that teachers essentially assume the parenthood of children when they’re in the classroom.

“They’re not someone else’s children,” Biden said, “they’re our children.” He elaborated by saying children were the “kite strings” holding up the ambitions of our nation, and stressed that the best way to prepare the United States for the future was to create the “best-educated public in the world.” Schooling, he said, would help students to “reach their potential,” before telling teachers again that the students in their care are “like yours… in the classroom.”

You can hear his comments for yourself in the video below.

Do you think Biden’s remarks are reasonable, or are they an example of liberal overreach?

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