Biden Says MAGA Movement Is Either Dying Out or Just Beginning

Biden Says MAGA Movement Is Either Dying Out or Just Beginning

Biden Makes MAGA Prediction – Here Are His Words

( – The “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement began during former President Donald Trump’s first run for the White House in 2016. The phrase, which has a long history in American politics, has since become a favorite slogan of Trump supporters, and an object of derision for Democrats and liberal voters. President Joe Biden referred directly to the MAGA movement in an address to party donors in Maryland on Thursday, August 25.

The president was fiercely critical of the MAGA branch of Republicanism, branding it “semi-fascism.” He also stated the movement was either nearing its end or about to take off and get stronger. Later the same day, at another party event nearby, he told attendees he had no respect for MAGA Republicans, though he did respect more traditional Conservatives. He went on to claim there were “not many real Republicans anymore.”

During his speeches, Biden also touted a number of his party’s achievements over the last number of months. These included the appointment of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the US Supreme Court bench, the cancellation of student debt, campaigning for increased access to abortion, and passing legislation on healthcare and climate change.

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