Biden Says He Has “No Regrets” About Document Scandal

( – President Joe Biden said he has “no regrets” over the documents scandal, publicly addressing the issue at a press conference on January 20, Fox News reported.

The president has been under intense public scrutiny over his handling of classified material from the Obama administration after documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center and his private residence. Biden told reporters he has “no regrets” over the situation because there was “nothing” in the documents, Fox News reported.

Biden had previously defended that the documents were safe because they were “in a locked garage,” briefly addressing the issue at a press conference on January 12. This response has received criticism, as rhetoric ramped up over the issue. National Review argued that “the law is the law” and that Biden’s argument should not exempt him from possible criminal charges.

Republicans specifically call out the double standard as Democrats have pursued criminal charges over Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents. Former President Donald Trump is under special counsel investigation following the discovery of classified documents at this Mar-a-Lago estate.

As the scandal news broke, political commentators have pondered the implications it may have for the president’s 2024 re-election bid. Analysts predicted that Biden’s response to the discovery would have major implications for his reelection campaign.

Biden says he is acting on the advice of his lawyers and did not disclose the document’s discovery at Penn Biden Center when they were found in November 2022, BBC reported. White House lawyer Richard Stauber says that he is confident the documents “were inadvertently misplaced.” During those 68 days of silence, the White House believed the Justice Department would view the document possession as “little more than a good faith mistake,” The New York Times reported.

The investigation is searching for further potential documents in Biden’s possession, and what those documents contain, USA Today reported.

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