Biden Reportedly Spending $5 Million a Day By Not Building Wall

Biden Reportedly Spending $5 Million a Day By Not Building Wall

( – President Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House was marked by many controversies. One surrounded his determination to undo as much of his predecessor’s work as he possibly could. Naturally, one of the first things to go was the border wall construction project, one of former President Donald Trump’s flagship policies. However, it appears as though Biden may have halted building on the wall without due consideration for the financial implications.

$5 Million a Day

It emerged this week that the Biden administration is still paying contractors who signed up to work on the wall. In an interview with Fox News, former Border Patrol head Rodney Scott explained that the federal government was still giving these contractors a combined total of around $5 million a day, despite the fact the wall hasn’t been under construction for months. Scott also discussed the materials now lying idle because of the pause in construction, including panels for the wall, fiber optic cabling, and security cameras.

When Joe Biden became the president earlier this year, he forced Rodney Scott to retire following three decades working with Border Patrol. Now, Scott is speaking out about the shortcomings in Biden’s policies around immigration.

Scott noted illegal immigrants are continuing to pour across the southern border and that around 90% of these are likely undocumented. He added that the Biden administration was unwilling to consider common-sense solutions around immigration, dropping effective initiatives for no good reason. He also claims his office repeatedly made it clear to the administration that an “influx of mass migration” would occur if they abandoned these initiatives. Following Scott’s departure, he claims, Border Patrol agents were dealing with around 6,000 migrant encounters a day, compared to just a few hundred when he was running the agency.

Scott also criticized the headstrong decision-making of the Biden administration when it came to the potential continuation of the border wall project. He said officials were refusing to engage in “adult dialogue,” preferring to allow funding to go to the contractors for doing nothing rather than letting any more wall go up.

Ultimately, the former Border Patrol director did not mince words regarding the gravity of the risk we’re facing. He warned of “terrorist threats” and the potential for “rapists [and] murderers” to come across the border as long as the current situation persists.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Despite the worrying statistics we’ve been seeing from the border in recent months, Joe Biden remains determined to undo the work of Donald Trump when it comes to immigration. Will he be able to keep this up for the rest of his four-year term in the White House?

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