Biden Reopens Obamacare in Latest Order

Biden Reopens Obamacare In Latest Order

( – One of Donald Trump’s main presidential projects was the reversal of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. While he couldn’t repeal the law without the approval of Congress, he instituted various measures to limit the damage it could cause to public finances.

Our new president has made it clear that undoing these measures will be a priority for his administration. This is hardly surprising, given the fact opposition to Trump has been the underlying principle of Joe Biden’s entire presidency thus far.

Obamacare Expansion

On Thursday, January 28, Biden signed an executive order that will reopen insurance enrollment on the website between February 15 and May 15. Trump resisted this idea during his term of office, as it will place a huge burden on the healthcare budget. Analysts suggest this special enrollment period could see as many as 9 million Americans take advantage of it.

Biden has also instructed federal bodies to revise any policies that make it more difficult for Americans to access benefits under Obamacare or enroll in Medicaid; This will add a bigger burden to the budget during an economic downturn. In addition to that, he’s rescinded the Mexico City policy, which prevented the US government from funding international nonprofits that paid for abortion services. This is a first step toward the liberal abortion regime Democrats have been pushing for years.

His administration maintains these measures are necessary to keep Americans healthy during these unprecedented times. Of course, this narrative fails to account for the fact that the virus has placed as much of a strain on our economy as it has on our public health services.

The healthcare debate is a hugely complex one. While, ideally, everyone would have access to affordable medical care, the plain truth is it’s too expensive a burden for taxpayers to bear. We are still far from an ideal solution, but it should be clear Biden’s generous approach is too irresponsible to be the right answer.

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