Biden Renews Assault On 2nd Amendment – There’s Just One Problem

White House Calls for Assault Weapon Ban After University Shooting

White House Calls for Assault Weapon Ban After University Shooting

( – The state of Virginia was left in mourning last week after a University of Virginia student opened fire on his classmates, killing three members of the school’s football team as they returned from a trip. After a 12-hour manhunt, police ultimately apprehended the shooter, and he remains in custody. Following the incident, the White House called for a ban on assault weapons.

An official statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed the “deepest condolences” of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to all those affected by the tragedy. The statement continued by discussing the “awful burden of gun violence” and citing the work of the Biden Administration to promote gun safety. Then, it called on Congress to enact an “assault weapons ban” even though the shooter allegedly used a handgun.

Such a ban would mirror a similar law enacted in 1994; that measure expired in 2004. A bipartisan gun control law Congress passed earlier this year did not go as far as to ban assault weapons again.

Other politicians also expressed their condolences following the shooting, but most, unlike the White House, avoided calling for an assault weapons ban.

Do you think it was appropriate for the Biden Administration to take this opportunity to call for an assault weapons ban, or was it an unhelpful politicization of a tragedy?

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