Biden Refuses to Give Straight Answer About Citizenship

Biden Refuses to Give Straight Answer About Citizenship

( – President Joe Biden’s immigration policies have, at this point, been exposed as completely misguided. Biden began dismantling former President Donald Trump’s restrictive border policies as soon as he arrived in the White House, and the results have been devastating. The country is currently living through one of the worst border crises in recent history. However, this hasn’t persuaded Biden to change course.

One of the cornerstones of Biden’s plan was to put Dreamers — immigrants who were brought to the US as children— on a path to American citizenship. On Sunday, July 25, Biden said it “remains to be seen” whether this would be done as part of the $3.5-trillion package Democrats hope to pass through budget reconciliation.

It’s not certain this would even be possible. Only measures that affect the budget somehow, changing either fiscal inflows or outflows, are technically eligible for budget reconciliation. The Byrd Rule further refines this requirement, making it more difficult to pass measures that increase deficits or relate only incidentally to the budget. The Senate parliamentarian ultimately gets to decide what will or will not work.

Dreamers protected under DACA enjoy protection from deportation, have the right to work and go to school in the US. Both Republicans and Democrats largely support offering them a path to citizenship. So why would the president even consider trying to push it through that way instead of passing a bipartisan bill?

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