Biden Receives Backlash for Ice Cream Comments Following Nashville Shooting

( – President Biden drew backlash from political commentators for making ice cream-related comments in his opening remarks as he addressed the nation on the events of the Nashville, TN school shooting that took place Monday, March 27.

A 28-year-old transgender woman entered the campus of The Covenant School, Green Hills neighborhood, Nashville, TN the morning of March 27 and opened fire with automatic weapons. The 28-year-old suspect, identified by Nashville Metro police as Audrey Hale, shot three adults and three children. Hale was then killed by Nashville Metro police responding to the scene. Body cam from Nashville Metro Police Officer Rex Englebert confirmed that responding police Officers Rex Englebrt and Michael Collazo, were the officers who fired on Hale at the scene, the New York Post and ABC News reported.

Including the shooter, seven people were confirmed deceased following the shooting. This plunged Nashville into a state of mourning and stirred up political debates about national Second Amendment rights. The shooting sparked political debate outcry from members of Nashville’s country music community, as well as sparking political debate across the aisle in response to similar acts of violence, The Hill reported.

President Biden addressed the nation shortly following these events. Before he made his statement, President Biden was quoted as saying that he was “Dr. Jill Biden’s husband” and that he “ate Jeni’s ice cream, chocolate chip” as well as stating that he came down because he “heard there was chocolate ice cream.” The president was quoted by the White House press office’s transcript, a Newsweek fact check reported.

Following these comments, Biden received criticism from political commentators, Fox News reported. Biden proceeded to call out the shooting as “sick” and “heartbreaking” and demanded Congress to “stop gun violence,” Fox News reported. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie was quoted telling Fox News that, to say Biden “misunderstood” the moment of the critical shooting was “an understatement,” Fox News reported.

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