Biden REBELS Against Federal Court!

Biden Pushes Student Loan Buyout Despite Federal Ruling

Biden Pushes Student Loan Buyout Despite Federal Ruling

( – President Joe Biden’s controversial student loan forgiveness program was blocked by a federal judge last week, but he isn’t giving up yet. Now, his administration plans to take on the courts. According to the White House, an appeal has already been filed.

On November 10, US District Judge Mark Pittman heard a lawsuit brought by the Job Creators Network Foundation on behalf of two people with student loan debt who had been denied payouts. Pittman ruled that Biden’s massive loan forgiveness plan, which would have written off up to $20,000 for students who have federal loans and cost taxpayers an estimated $400 billion, was illegal — and vacated it across the whole country. The program had already been put on hold by another lawsuit brought by six Republican state AGs, but not before people sent in 26 million applications for the debt write-off.

The same day, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre released a statement saying the administration “strongly disagree[s]” with the ruling, and the Justice Department had already filed an appeal. Meanwhile Republicans — and even some Democrats — continue to oppose the program, saying it will push inflation even higher and is unfair both to people who already paid off their student debts and low-income taxpayers who will end up paying the cost of other people’s college.

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