Biden Meets To Finalize Nuclear Power Submarine Deal With Australia and Britain

( – President Biden announced the nuclear-powered submarine deal reached with Australia and Britain, The New York Times reported.

Biden confirmed that the United States would send three Virginia-class submarines to Australia, the BBC reported. Additionally, Biden said that the United States will partner with the United Kingdom and Australia to build a new “SSN-Aukus” submarine, the BBC reported.

Under the Aukus act, the three submarines would be made, along with a new fleet of “cutting edge” warcraft, which includes tech devised by the UK Rolls-Royce automakers, the BBC reported.

On March 14, Biden was scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, BBC reported. The group of three Western world leaders met in San Diego, California to finalize the terms of the agreement, ABC News San Diego reported.

One of the “most important parts” of the deal is to strengthen the Aukus pact signer nation’s submarine capabilities, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said in a statement, as quoted by ABC News. Yet, while this is one of the most important outcomes of the pact, it isn’t the only mutual advantage the three national leaders saw emerging from the agreement.

Sunak praised the finalization of the deal, noting how it would create “thousands of jobs” in places such as Barrow and Derby. Biden likewise met with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who said that the finalized Aukus deal was “the biggest single investment” in Australian defense capabilities.

As the Aukus deal moved forward, China continued to “loom large,” CNN reported. The relationship between the West and China has been reportedly “magnified” in recent weeks by a series of global events, including the appearance of a Chinese surveillance craft in the United States airspace, CNN reported.

The United States leadership have since “readily acknowledged” that tensions with China are greater than they have been in recent years, CNN reported.

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