Biden Meeting With Science and Technology Advisors Over AI “Risks and Opportunities”

( – President Joe Biden was scheduled to meet with science and technology advisors over the risks and opportunities of AI, Fox News reported.

Among the issues discussed, the president is expected to pass legislation aimed at protecting children online from the negative implications of AI technology use.

The meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, April 4. The president was set to discuss with technology developers whether artificial intelligence is potentially dangerous to the public, Reuters reported.

At the start of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), President Biden stated that, in his view, tech companies had a “responsibility” to make sure their products were safe before releasing them, and that he also believed it was a possibility that the products could be potentially dangerous.

The president’s meeting followed an open letter by leading technology innovators, including Elon Musk, asking for companies to put a “six-month pause’ on Open AI, and GPT4 AI projects, The Guardian reported. While the innovators did not call for the total pause of AI projects, they expressed concerns about continuing with GPT4-level projects, explaining that a pause would allow developers to create safety controls before the projects got out of hand.

The president’s discussion with advisors followed weeks of the crackdown on the harmful impact of out-of-line technology in the United States. U.S. and Western lawmakers have been enforcing stricter controls on the use of data. In March, Congress held a hearing with the CEO of TikTok, which was broadcast by C-SPan, to discuss whether the platform safely used American citizens’ data and whether it was possible for the Chinese Communist Party to access said data through TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. President Biden has mulled a national ban on TikTok should the company refuse to sell the ByteDance ownership share to an American entity, NPR News reported. At the time of this report, no such ban had been decided upon.

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