Biden “Lays Down Challenge” To Republicans Over Economy, Debt Ceiling Fight Looms 

( – During his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden “laid down a challenge” to Republicans in Congress over the economy, The New York Times reported. Biden called on Republicans to help him “finish the job” to restore the economy to balance.

A heated political debate is anticipated in Congress later this year, as lawmakers meet to discuss the debt ceiling crisis. The Treasury Department announced in January that the United States has reached its borrowing capacity, capping off the debt ceiling at $32 trillion of the national debt.

The political debate heated up when Biden was “heckled” during his State of the Union delivery by Republican members of Congress, for his criticism ahead of the national spending debates. Biden had said Republicans “wanted to take the economy hostage.”

Critics called Biden’s State of the Union his “most energetic effort yet” to bring back up his sagging poll numbers, and yet his statement did not ring consistently true throughout.

However, critics and media fact-checked many of the president’s claims made during his State of the Union. Biden boasted of cutting the trade deficit by $1.7 million, however, the context for this national reduction was because the deficit has soared to a record high under former President Donald Trump in 2020, due to emergency pandemic relief measures, CNN reported.

Biden’s claims regarding the job market were also called into question. The president claimed to have created more than 12 million new jobs, more created in two years “than any president” had ever created in a four-year term, a statement supported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as improving the wage gap for labor jobs.

However, media outlets questioned the “concrete” evidence of the quality of compensation of some of the roles Biden celebrated, stating that the pay may not be as much of an improvement in the market as the president said, The Independent reported.

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