Biden Issues 17 Executive Orders His First Day As President

Biden Issues 17 Executive Orders His First Day As President

( – True to his word, President Joe Biden set about signing executive orders as soon as he entered the Oval Office on Wednesday, January 20. Collectively, they didn’t indicate anything coherent about his policy aims as president, other than his desire to undo just about everything Donald Trump put in place.

Critics have wasted no time in pointing out the flaws and potential risks of this flurry of orders.

The Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump made headlines around the world when he signaled his intention to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017. Biden’s reversal of this move did not, therefore, come as much of a surprise.

However, it could have major negative implications for America’s economic future. The lofty goals set out by the agreement will come at a high monetary price, and could cripple certain industries. Not only that, it’s far from clear whether the aims of the Accord are even realistic.

The Border Wall

This was probably the most famous of Donald Trump’s policies. Unfairly criticized by his opponents as unrealistic, overly expensive, and motivated by xenophobia, it was always going to be first on Biden’s chopping block. Funding for further construction of the wall has now been removed.

This week, we heard reports of a Honduran migrant caravan bound for our southern border. It’s not clear whether this was an ironic coincidence or the timing was planned around the changing of the guard in Washington, DC. However, it provides ample illustration of the reasons why the border wall was an important step toward making America a safer place.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

In July 2020, Donald Trump announced the US would withdraw from the WHO. This followed revelations about Chinese influence in the organization and the uncooperative approach the communist regime had during the COVID-19 outbreak. Biden’s realignment with the WHO will be expensive for the US, and will also offer implicit support for China’s agenda.

It wouldn’t be fair to pass extensive judgment on Joe Biden’s presidency after just a few days of his term. But if he continues to prioritize the eradication of Donald Trump’s legacy above everything else, it’s hard to see how he’ll make an effective president.

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