Biden Is Going to Send Gas From US to Europe Under New Plan

Biden Is Going to Send Gas From US to Europe Under New Plan

( – Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine several weeks ago, international energy security has been in a precarious position. Crude oil prices have ballooned, leading to much higher gas costs for Americans. Many have been critical of President Joe Biden for failing to protect the United States from this increase, and it looks like the Biden administration’s questionable decision-making around the issue is set to continue.

The president has just signed up America to a new plan that will see an increase in the amount of liquefied natural gas (LNG) America exports to Europe. On Friday, March 25, Biden revealed while in Brussels, Belgium, the US will now aim to send an extra 15 million cubic meters of LNG to Europe this year, and an extra 50 million cubic meters a year by 2030. If European countries, many of which are heavily dependent on Russian energy exports, have greater access to American gas, Russian vendors will suffer.

However, Americans are already suffering from high prices and low supply. Ordinary people across the country are struggling to heat their homes and fill their cars with gas. If the US exports its natural gas to Europe, it will have a major long-term impact on our natural gas prices and our quality of life. It’s not clear how the United States will even export more gas to Europe, as we’re already exporting almost as much as limits allow.

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