Biden Interagency Review Blames Trump for Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan

( – An interagency review led by the National Security Council covered the chaotic withdrawal of the American mission to Afghanistan. In the report, the interagency officials lay the blame primarily on former President Donald Trump, stating that, in the view of the agencies involved, President Biden was “severely constrained” by what he could do because of Trump’s decisions, Click2Houston reported.

The Afghanistan withdrawal report was published on April 6 and contained roughly 12 pages of content. The report “repeatedly” blamed Trump for the failure of withdrawal procedures, Fox News reported. The interagency report did, however, acknowledge the fact that the process of withdrawing American troops from the area “should have started sooner,” The New York Times reported.

The National Security spokesman John Kirby appeared in a press conference held on April 6 to discuss the report, ABC News reported. He explained to reporters that, as a result of the report’s findings, security policy in areas where the United States had a defense presence had been updated.

Reporters had asked Kirby if the president had “any regrets” about the way the Afghanistan withdrawal had been conducted. Kirby stated that the president was “very proud” of the way that U.S. service members had conducted the withdrawal. Kirby also stated that in the case of Afghanistan, the president had said that the original mission to Afghanistan had been accomplished.

Kirby explained that the mission changed from the original mission to avenge the September 11, 2001 attacks by Al Qaeda on the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York.

The chaotic withdrawal of American service personnel from Afghanistan, following President Biden’s decision to end the war in August 2021 and the subsequent hostile takeover by the Taliban forces, received a negative backlash from many Americans. The backlash was bipartisan, NPR News reported.

Since the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban has established an Islamic emirate control that imposes extreme restrictions on women and other citizens. On April 5, the United Nations Women condemned the Taliban for forbidding Afghan women to work with the United Nations.

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