Biden Hits the Beach while Country Stews in Chaos

( – In the midst of the new indictment of former president Donald Trump and in spite of the new controversy surrounding his son Hunter, President Joe Biden found the time to soak up some sun and spend some time with First Lady Jill Biden in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

The Bidens own a private home in the seaside area, one that faces the beach and is estimated to have a market value of around $2 million. The 80-year old chief executive sported some blue swim shorts and a white polo shirt as he took a nap on the beach while the first lady did some reading.

“Hard to complain about this weather,” Biden told journalists. The president also took his spouse out to see one of the hottest films this summer, the historical drama “Oppenheimer,” which runs for around three hours. Biden later told reporters that he found the film “compelling.”

Presidential historian and former White House aide Tevi Troy defended the first couple, saying that the president was “not ever fully off,” adding that the Bidens’ trip was “not really a vacation.”

The president’s jaunt to the beach comes as his predecessor, Donald Trump, faces a third legal case. The former president is the sole defendant in the four-count indictment, which describes Trump’s actions as an attack on the “bedrock function” of democracy.

Another issue on Biden’s plate is his son Hunter, who has landed in hot water yet again. The presidential son has constantly courted controversy, and is being investigated for allegedly using his connection to his father to further business interests. A former business partner, Devon Archer, testified in Congress recently, stating that while President Biden was never directly involved in his son’s business dealings, Hunter would often put his father on speakerphone as a way to impress business people he was dealing with. The testimony is part of a campaign by led by Republicans in the House to take a deeper look at Biden and his family’s business dealings and find out whether or not the president and his family engaged in corrupt practices – which would be grounds for a possible impeachment complaint.

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